Nature Education Skills Enhanced, and We Are Doing Our Part - Birds & Plants Popular Science Workshop Successfully Held
Recently, Panda Base Nature Education Skill Training - Birds & Plants Popular Science Workshop was successfully held. This workshop invited Li Li and Huang Ke, two senior teachers in the field of nature education from the Chengdu Bird Watching Society, to lead the workshop.
This workshop combined lectures with outdoor practice. The two teachers enthusiastically spoke on the animal and plant identification methods and science popularization skills they had accumulated over the years to the excited popular science instructors at the Base. The instructors grew more adept at identifying local species and were given new material to inspire their next nature education activities.
As this activity drew to a close, some instructors commented that science popularization would not work unless the audience had fallen in love with nature. There are many different ways to identify nature, and it is a vast world worth exploring and learning. Some instructors mentioned that they would continue to observe and identify the local animals and plants around them, collect more popular science materials, and improve their popularization skills. The success of this workshop will help the Base’s popular science instructors improve and get them involved in the Base’s characteristic nature education activities.