Campaign of Science Communication Themed as “We, Good Neighbors of Giant Pandas”
In a bid to effectively prevent giant pandas and wild animals sharing the same habitat from catching severe dog infectious diseases, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding rolled out dog vaccination and the prevention and control of infectious diseases in the surrounding communities of the Giant Panda National Park. Along with Tangjiahe Area of the Giant Panda National Park Guangyuan Management Branch, the Base carried out a campaign of science communication themed as “We, Good Neighbors of Giant Pandas”, examined dogs and immunized them against contagious diseases.
A joint working group composed of the disease research team of the Animal Conservation Research Department of the Base, as well as the team of science communicators and the staff of the Tangjiahe Area, went deep into the communities around Tangjiahe, and successfully completed multiple tasks. They include the survey of dog raising in the communities, dog immunization, sample collection, and disease detection and analysis. Besides, the group prompted the public to keep dogs in a civilized and science-based manner and informed them of laws on wild animal conservation and animal epidemic prevention. While further consolidating the achievements of giant panda conservation, they carried out investigations on diseases of dogs in the surrounding areas of the Giant Panda National Park. During the process, they worked to raise local people’s awareness of conserving endangered wildlife and animal welfare represented by giant pandas, and of being a responsible master avoiding mistreating or abandoning pets. The group also encouraged the public to raise dogs in a science-based and civilized way, keeping their cats or dogs away from the Giant Panda National Park or other reserves, and to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, co-building a happy and harmonious ecological homeland.
Theme poster

Displaying how to raise dogs in a civilized and science-based way

Vaccinating dogs and collecting samples

Interpreting science on site for general audience

Distributing theme popular science materials

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