Chengdu Panda Base Took Part in the An’min Village Panda Art Season and the Public Welfare Activity for Left-behind Children’s Painting Exhibition

Recently, the An’min Village Panda Art Season and Left-behind Children’s Painting Exhibition kicked off at the Painting Institute for Left-behind Children at An’min Village, Luzhou. Chengdu Panda Base, a supporter of the activity for the common good, was invited to participate in the event, exchanging and sharing knowledge of giant panda conservation with the left-behind children of the village. Bilingual books such as The Giant Panda You Don’t Know, One Day in the Forest, and A Mother’s Love compiled by the Base, as well as notebooks, pens, and environmental protection bags, among other materials for science popularizations were donated to the students.

This public welfare activity aimed to tell the stories of panda well, promote the panda culture, foster children's awareness of panda and biodiversity protection, inspire children with original art, and express gratitude to the Communist Party in celebration of Children’s Day and the 100th birthday of the CPC.