The Panda Base Launched “International Day of Forests” - Themed Science Popularization Activity
In a bid to raise the awareness of the importance of forest resources, sustainable forest management, conservation and sustainable development, and to promote the global tree planting movement, and actively maintain ecological security, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution at its 67th session on December 21, 2012, declaring March 21 of every year as the “International Day of Forests”, and it would be celebrated from 2013.
March 21 this year marks the 11th “International Day of Forests” with the theme of “Forest and Health”. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding held a science popularization activity on the theme of “International Day of Forests” in its park.
In addition to the themed poster display and explanation of popular science, there were also two interactive game sessions to draw pictures about “Beautiful forest” and “If there was no forest” on the site in which visitors can show the related knowledge they have learned through drawing and other forms or they can take part in the brainstorming of “If there was no forest”. At last, the stark contrast of the two pictures has deepened the public’s understanding of the forest and its role in the ecosystem. The event calls for everyone to protect the forest to deliver a healthier life.

Poster of the Activity

Site of the Activity

Popularizing Science through Interactive Activities

“Beautiful Forest” in my Mind

Brainstorming——“If there was no forest…”

Visitors’ Sharing

Contrast of Pictures—— “Beautiful Forest” and “If there was no forest”