New Year’s Fans-rewarding Activities | A String of Popular Science Research Activities
Our “New Year Fans-rewarding” series of activities are still in full swing.
Activity One | Research Practice│ “I am a Panda Nutritionist”
Warm-up game
At the beginning of this activity, the popular science teacher guided the students to play an ice-breaking game: identifying bamboo through smelling, which means identifying various fruits prepared in advance in the way of smelling. Through the explanations given by the teacher, the students learned about the special abilities of giant pandas, and had a certain understanding of how giant pandas use their sense of smell to select different types and parts of bamboo in different seasons to obtain the highest nutrition.
Warm-up Game
Through the explanation of the popular science teacher, the students learned about the giant panda’s bamboo-eating strategy, and the similarities and differences in the food composition of captive giant pandas and wild ones.
Popular science teacher explaining relevant knowledge
Field trip
The students went to No. 14 Enclosure and the Giant Panda Cub Enclosure in groups to observe how giant pandas eat bamboo and complete the tasks on the study activity card.
On-site observation of giant pandas
Work as a “Panda Nutritionist”
Using various tools and raw materials prepared by the popular science teacher, students made a mini version of “Wowotou”. Through cooperation within the group and gradual attempts, they finally succeeded in making the appetizing “wowotou”.

Students making wowotou
Issuing the research certificate, and the activity coming to an end
Activity 2 | Nature Quest | “Panda Quest 1+1”
At 9 o’clock in the morning, parents and kids selected to participate in this activity, under the guidance of the popular science teachers of the Panda Base, officially commenced this exploring trip about giant pandas. What does a giant panda look like? What are giant pandas doing now? With such curiosity, parents and kids, led by the popular science teacher, successively went to the Giant Panda No. 14 Enclosure, Adult Giant Panda Enclosure, Giant Panda Cub Enclosure, and Sunshine Delivery House. During the interactive Q&A session with the popular science teacher, the family members learned about the individual differences and eating habits of giant pandas of different age groups, and also discovered the subtle differences and cuteness among different giant pandas through careful observation. They marveled at the giant pandas’ smartness and cuteness, and believed that this species is worthy of being our national treasure.
Visiting giant pandas
Afterwards, everyone entered the Chengdu Giant Panda Museum to start a tour of the museum. Every member received a customized museum exploration manual. Under the guidance of the popular science teacher, they went to the exhibition areas such as the Tracing Origins and Among the Pandas. Through immersive interactive experiences and Q&A sections, they learned about pandas’ stories in all aspects, ranging from the past to the present of pandas’ lives.
Listening to touching stories of giant pandas and gaining scientific knowledge about them
Finally, by watching the 3D popular science movie “Panda Panda”, visitors reviewed the knowledge of giant pandas from the audio-visual feast, so as to gain a deeper understanding of giant pandas, their companion animals and plants, as well as their habitat.
Issuing certificates and exquisite publicity materials for popular science and culture, and participating in family group photos
Activity 3|Popular Science Lecture “Pandas Growth Story”
The popular science lectures are rich in content, involving the appearances and characteristics of giant pandas, living habits, child rearing and growth, living conditions and protection information, etc. Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of giant pandas through PPT explanations of giant panda knowledge, play of interesting short panda science videos, display of cub models, on-site interactive games, and Q&A sections. During this activity, the participants actively answered various questions. Through this activity, the participants deepened their understanding of giant pandas.
Scene of lecturing
Interactive games
The three educational and entertaining science popularization and study activities had come to an end. The participants learned more about giant pandas in a relaxed atmosphere, and paid attention to wild animals such as giant pandas and their ecological environment. They expressed their willingness to start from daily small things and would actively participate in environmental protection actions.