Chengdu’s Love Spreading Far and Wide The Chengdu Merchants Cube’s Public-spirited Adoption of Red Panda Zhao Bao
On July 12, 2022, the Chengdu Merchants Cube’s Public-spirited Adoption Ceremony of Red Pandas was held at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (hereinafter referred to as the Panda Base). Liu Long, full-time deputy secretary of the Panda Base; Pu An’ning, head of the Division of Party and Masses’ Affairs; representatives of China Merchants Shekou Southwest Regional Business Management Company and news media attended the opening ceremony.
Wu Song, deputy general manager of China Merchants Shekou Southwest Regional Commercial Management Company and general manager of Chengdu China Merchants Cube, said at the ceremony that China Merchants Cube, as a unique commercial brand built by the company in Chengdu, will adhere to carrying forward the company’s corporation social responsibility to make continuous contributions to the further advancement of programs for public interests in China.
Liu Long, the full-time deputy secretary of the Panda Base, delivered a speech on behalf of the Panda Base. First of all, he expressed his heartfelt thanks for the support of China Merchants Cube for the protection of endangered animals, such as red pandas, and introduced the Panda Base’s efforts and fruits for scientific research and breeding, science popularization education and cultural promotion of red pandas. During the ceremony, Secretary Liu issued an adoption certificate to the Merchants Cube, hoping that through this public-spirited adoption activity, more caring enterprises and good-hearted individuals will understand the living environment of red pandas, pay close attention to the protection of red pandas, and join the ranks of protecting rare wild animals, joining hands to create a more beautiful homeland where human beings and animals coexist in harmony.
After the ceremony, accompanied by the staff of the Panda Base, General Manager Wu Song, guests and the media unveiled the plaque for Zhao Bao at the Red Panda Delivery House, who is a male red panda born on July 8, 2021 with a birth weight of about 100 grams. He just turned one year old and weighs 4 kilograms. Under the good care of his mother Miao Miao and the breeder, he has become adorable and energetic, and has been adept at climbing and eating bamboo shoots,. Zhao Bao, whose name literally means in Chinese “lovable and cute baby”, marks the first red panda adopted from the Panda Base. We wish Zhao Bao a healthy and happy growth.