The Base Hosted “The Power of Umbrella Species” Popular Science Activity on the 2022 International Museum Day
May 18, 2022 marks the 46th International Museum Day. The theme of this year is “The Power of Museum”. The “power” refers to three forces: sustainable development, digitization and accessible innovation, and community development through education. These forces reflect the positive changes museums brought to the world around us.
As the umbrella species, giant pandas are also playing a role in biodiversity conservation. Focusing on the theme, the Base has launched a series of popular science activities of “The Power of Umbrella Species” within the Base to spread the knowledge of biodiversity conservation represented by giant pandas.
Theme poster of the International Museum Day: The Power of Umbrella Species
Activity 1: Robot Xiaochuan’s Debut
In order to improve the service quality of the museum to better cater to visitors, enable more people to have a better understanding of giant pandas, and spread the giant panda culture, the Giant Panda Museum has developed a giant panda robot based on the museum’s IP image “Xiaochuan”. The popular science robot can not only interact with visitors to spread popular science knowledge, but also has an autonomous cruise system to ensure safety and stability in the case of a large amount of tourists.
Robot Xiaochuan was officially unveiled for the first time. The entire process of its first day of “going to work” was recorded in the form of video, which was live streamed simultaneously on the base’s WeChat official account, Douyin account and the Ipanda official account.
Through the robot which highlights the theme of “The Power of Museum”, the activity has attracted more tourists to visit the Giant Panda Museum, to acquire popular science knowledge about giant pandas, and to explore the mysteries of giant pandas.
There were about 240 interactive audiences at the event, and the online video on various platforms has been reviewed by 60,000 times.
Activity 2: Advertising Theme of the International Museum Day
In light of the theme of the International Museum Day in 2022, the advertising theme of the Chengdu Giant Panda Museum is chosen as “The Power of Umbrella Species”. As we are protecting giant pandas as an umbrella species, we are also protecting its habitat and other animals and plants in the same area. During the Museum Day period, we have put up themed posters and given out exclusive badges to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection, and to practice it in person, so as to co-build a shared community of all life on earth.
More than 240 people watched theme posters and above 200 theme badges were given out.
Activity 3: Masters’ Talk · Popular Science Salon
We particularly invited a doctor of Ecology from our base as the speaker. The lecture’s main content is about biodiversity, urban ecosystems around us, and nature notes. The lecture was broadcast simultaneously through expert lectures, on-site popular science salons, interactive live streaming on official video accounts and on We Media platforms.
The purpose of this activity is to establish an emotional connection between the public and Nature, and arouse the public’s awareness of biodiversity conservation. It also encourages the public to adopt a sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle step by step, joining hands to build and share a harmonious homeland.
Thirty audiences were invited to attend the salon.
This event was specially covered by some media and platforms such as Cover News,  Xuexi.cn, official account of Chengdu Chenghua, and Ipanda Channel, Ecotourism Search, official account of the Panda Base, etc.