Zhao Mei Taking Care of Her Child

 Grain Rain, the sixth of the twenty-four solar terms, is also the last solar term of spring. During this solar term, people conventionally offer sacrifices to the creator of Chinese characters Cang Jie, eat Chinese toon, appreciate the peony, and drink Grain Rain tea. After the Grain Rain, as the weather gradually turns warm in Chengdu, many parents will take their children to play outdoors, bask in the sun, and breathe in the fresh air. At the Panda Base, the giant panda Zhao Mei also took her child to play outdoors to bask in the sun and enjoy the last days of spring.


Zhao Mei before taking care of her child


When Zhao Mei is taking care of her child

Zhao Mei, a considerate mother, is looking after her child carefully and always keeps an eye on them.

Zhao Mei: Baby, go join your friends!


Zhao Mei: Honey, I will still keep a watchful eye as you play.


Zhao Mei: Ok, it is still in my sight!

When the baby learns to climb trees and wants to see the azure sky, Zhao Mei does her best to support her child from below on the tree.





Zhao Mei: Baby, I will always protect you!

After the Grain Rain and before the Start of Summer, go with your mother to the Panda Base to see how Zhao Mei looks after her baby!