Qi Yi and Her Good Friend Fu Lai

 On a warm day, the popular star of Enclosure II Qi Yi came to the activity site along with her niece and good friend Fu Lai quite early because they knew the nannies had prepared their favorite bamboo shoots for them to enjoy.

Why do giant pandas like bamboo shoot? Because of how tender it is, high water content, and deliciousness, it is easy for digestion and absorption, making it the favorite of giant pandas.
Look! The one with the chubby butt and an iconic pinch of hair standing upright on the top of her head and eating while leaning on a bamboo basket with her back to us is none other than Qi Yi! Fu Lai is much more elegant than Qi Yi. She is holding bamboo shoots in one hand and chewing them slowly, savoring the sweetness and deliciousness of her meal.
Qi Yi and Fu Lai are feasting on their tasty snack
Qi Yi has a healthy appetite and always eats a lot for a long time. That’s how she got her plump figure. After the bamboo shoots were gobbled up, Fu Lai took a break and began to nod off, while Qi Yi immediately took to her second course.
Fu Lai: Oh, food coma, I need to take a break
Qi Yi: I am not done quite yet my meal…
Qi Yi: Who’s calling me pudgy? Whatever. I’m still hungry.
After Fu Lai woke up from its nap, she realized that there was not much food left, and she immediately started to chow down on the bamboo shoots with ferocity. But with its belly full, Qi Yi turned into a troublemaker to mess with her niece Fu Lai.
 Fu Lai is carefully chewing its bamboo shoots.
 The naughty Qi Yi is making trouble.
Qi Yi: Come on!
Qi Yi sometimes is very considerate. Knowing Fu Lai had not eaten enough, she silently stands nearby to supervise her. Although they are about the same age, Fu Lai is Qi Yi’s niece, and Qi Yi seems older. Do you like how Qi Yi acts?
Qi Yi: Fu Lai, only when you’ve a good meal can you grow up like me!