SCC (Sports Car Club) Adopts Giant Panda Cheng Cheng

Recently, the ceremony for the adoption of giant panda Cheng Cheng by SCC was held at the Chengdu Panda Base on Cheng Cheng’s 4th birthday, which made it that much sweeter. Mr. Wu Yongsheng, secretary and director of the Panda Base; Mr. Zhou Li, CEO of the SCC; and Mr. Xie Ying, COO and members of the SCC, were in attendance.

During the ceremony, Mr. Zhou Li, CEO of the SCC, expressed his love for the national treasure and willingness to prioritize giant panda conservation in the long run. Mr. Wu of the Panda Base expressed his sincere thanks to SCC for adopting the giant panda, hoping that it will encourage more social members to participate in giant panda conservation and build dreams for them.