Those Years as Coal Miners

 Under normal circumstances, the coat of a giant panda is not pure black or pure white, but yellowish white and brownish black. If it becomes stained with mud while they are eating or playing, they look like coal miners and look absolutely covered in soot. For instance, Oreo, the president of the well-known coal mining group among his fellow pandas, is really popular because of his coal miner look. Besides him, other coal miners have also slowly become famous. Now, let’s find out who they are.


Ai Mi, born in 2018, has grown into a skilled coal miner after years of refinement.



Ai Mi: How can we pull off this coal miner look? Let me think it over. 


It relies on teamwork. After thinking meticulously in a tree, Ai Mi decided to invite his younger brother Ai Lun to join the coal miner cause and work for their family together.


Ai Lun returns after a shift in the mine


After a day of hard work, Ai Lun, who was starving, couldn’t wait to dig into that delicious bamboo feast.


 Crossing the pond


Replenishing its strength


Rolling out


 Meditating under a tree


The back of the Ai Lun clearly reveals his earnestness for coal mining. So, what did Ai Mi and Ai Lun look like before their shifts in the mine?


Ai Mi before working in the mine


 Ai Lun before working in the mine


It is believed that those years as coal miners are certainly a highlight of these coal miners Ai Mi and Ai Lun. If you want to see them working hard, come to the Panda Base!