The Gate Area of Panda Valley has been Upgraded and Reconstructed into a Wonderland

Recently, the Panda Valley has completed the upgrade and reconstruction of the gate area landscape. The gate square, the viewing pool of the gate area, part of the riverway and the woods beside the river have been uniformly renovated. As a result, the recreation space scope of the gate area has been expanded, making the gate’s landscape to be in tune with its architectural style. The man-made natural landscape has also been well integrated into the original ecological environment. Thus, the landscape of the gate area has become more layered, rich and ornamental, enabling tourists to have a unique experience when visiting pandas’ home.

The upgrading and reconstruction of the gate square has connected it with the viewing pool and its scope of activities has been expanded through: improved style of the green belt, making the style of the whole gate area to be in uniform; optimization of the entrance and exit access, connecting the exit access with the merchandise sales shop in order to make the tour routes clearer and easy to navigate; and an addition of the flower beds and resting areas, applying the flower mirror art to create a green landscape in the gate area so that visitors can feel the natural atmosphere as soon as they enter the valley.

The reconstruction of the viewing pool in the gate area has well-integrated the man-made natural landscape into the original ecological environment. The riparian space has been extended to the edge of the pool and decorated with lotus flowers. All the additional fountains in the viewing pool have been active. On the other side of the pool, along the hillside, landscape stones have been arranged in a random manner and various plants like rhododendron delavayi have been planted, which brings an ecological and natural landscape. The viewing pool perfectly connects with the riverway to form a waterfall, where atomization devices regularly spray mist that permeates the mountains and pools, creating a wonderland.

Reconstruction of the riverway next to the viewing pool has widened its width. The fort and the bottom of the river have also been repaired. The construction of five retaining dams has ensured a continuous water flow of the river even during dry season and the flood discharge during flood season. The dams decorated with landscape stones blend in well with the landscape of the viewing pool. Atomization devices were also added to the riverway. When these devices are turned on, the river is filled with water mist, forming a beautiful painting-like landscape together with the scenery of the pool.

The Panda Valley has also upgraded the woods along the riverway. Three overlapping pools have been constructed to form a landscape of overlapping water. There has also been new additional resting areas and a new visitor passage has been added to connect it to the firefighting access route. Thereby integrating leisure, sightseeing and recreation at the same time.



Reconstructed viewing pool

Reconstructed gate area

Reconstructed riverway

New exit

New exit