Jin Bao's Leisure Time in Summer

Summer in Chengdu is always as unpredictable as a shy little girl. A few days ago, it was unusually bright, as if the sun was trying to roast everyone. However, after a few rains, there is quite a gentle breeze that cools your face in the morning, giving you a chance to take a break from the stifling heat. What is our little darling Jin Bao doing on such a nice day?


What a pleasant day! Jin Bao is going out for a stroll!


Join me playing on a swing~!


…or climbing trees?


Practicing headstands is also good!


Jin Bao: To be honest, weaving baskets is my favorite.


Actually, I prefer eating baskets~


Pose with a basket!


Pretend to practice needlework skills??



A foodie is a foodie forever!


How about enjoying the leisure time in summer and staying with the lovely national treasure, the giant panda? Why not come along?