Wang Yibo Charity Station adopted giant panda "Wang Nina".

On August 5 2020, Wang Yibo Charity Station donated RMB 100,000 to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on behalf of all the fans of Wang Yibo to adopt a giant panda. Afterwards the panda was named "Wang Nina", with the adoption period of one year.

The Panda Base thanked Wang Yibo Charity Station for the charitable donation. The representative of Wang Yibo Charity Station hoped that more youths could learn about the giant panda, clearly understand the importance of protecting endangered wild animals, and become a new generation of youths full of positive energy.

Background of giant panda "Wang Nina":

"Wang Nina"(infant name: Nina) was born on July 20 2017, where she weighed 91g at birth; she now weighs 93kg. She lives in a Panda Cub Villa in the Panda Base, with a "gentle and elegant" personality, a healthy body and a good appetite. Moreover, she loves eating bamboo shoots and apples, gets along well with her partners, and prefers to stay on the tree fork to meditate on the "panda life".