Wildlife Conservationist Wanted

 Do you like animals?

Have you ever done anything for animal conservation?
Do you usually follow and often participate in environmental-related activities?
Do you know how to participate in the conservation of giant pandas by actual efforts even though thousands of miles apart?
If you are a housewife, you choose reusable bags instead of plastic bags when shopping;
If you are a student, you save water in daily life; 
If you are a sanitation worker, you maintain the green environment for everyone to create a clean and tidy home; 
If you are an office staff, you save paper as much as possible in work; 
If you are an animal conservationist, you actively popularize animal protection knowledge and treasure lives; 
All of the above are physical actions taken to protect nature and the environment. Whatever your profession is, if you have committed to or regularly participate in environmentally related actions or activities, welcome to join the recruitment campaign for Wildlife Conservationist of the Chengdu Giant Panda Museum!
Your conservation story will be exhibited in the world's first panda themed museum and shared with our visitors around the world!
Wildlife Conservationist Recruitment Campaign
The Chengdu Giant Panda Museum 
The Chengdu Giant Panda Museum, established in 1992, is located in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Currently, the Giant Panda Museum is being rebuilt and exhibited at another location in the base. The theme of the entire museum design embodies the harmony of man, giant pandas and nature. Through interactive experiences, scene reenactments, immersive tours, etc., the public can learn about the status of endangered animals during their visit. The goal of this unique experience is to stimulate the awareness of wildlife conservation and inspire the spirit of scientific exploration in an effort to improve the scientific literacy of the public.
In the section of Conserving Giant Pandas and Nature, we are recruiting Wildlife Conservationists of different ages and occupations. This is a chance for people who love wildlife to share their stories and express their conservation beliefs to inspire more people to join the conservation movement and actively change their behaviors.
The recruitment requirements are as follows:
I.Requirements for Participants
1. No age limit, no occupation requirements;
2. Long-term commitment to participation in wildlife conservation undertakings and activities.
II.Materials Requirements
1. Each person must provide a current resume;
2. Each person shall provide at least two photos: one of their daily life, and another showing them participating in a conservation activity (photos shall be accompanied by detailed text description, including the subject, the photographer, as well as the date and location the photo was taken.) The content of the work must be real. Color or black and white photos are permitted. File size must be one megabyte (1M) or above;
3. Each person should provide a declaration or slogan about wildlife conservation to encourage public support;
4. Each person should provide his/her own story about wildlife conservation, which must be 200 words or less;
III.Recruitment Deadline
From now until 31 August 2020.
IV.Exhibition Method
Photos and stories of the shortlisted Wildlife Conservationists will be displayed in the museum in the form of interactive panels. The shortlist will be released through official channels of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.
V. Use of Information
1. All materials provided in this recruitment activity are considered donations to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Chengdu Panda Base). If the donated photos and conservation declaration are selected for use, the donor waives their corresponding rights granted by the Copyright Law and gives the Chengdu Panda Base the exclusive copyright usage of the submitted materials;
2. The Chengdu Panda Base has the right to edit and modify the materials provided;
3. Materials that are not shortlisted will not be returned;
4. Participation in the activities constitutes consent to the use of the photos and contents for display by the Chengdu Panda Base in the museum.
VI. Prize Information
If the donated photos and declarations are adopted, the donor will receive the following prizes :
1.The ten most competent Wildlife Conservationists will be selected and awarded a panda passport issued by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. A Panda Passport holder can have free unlimited visits to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Dujiangyan Panda Valley for life;
2.The rest of the selected conservationists will receive an exclusive copyright of the cultural and creative product of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.
VI. Materials Submission Policy 
Please submit the information via: https://jinshuju.net/f/XZHH5i
Or scan the QR