The Power of a Model

 Ji Xiao was the first captive giant panda born in 2019 in the world. As the monitor of the 2019 Class, Ji Xiao is always known for her autonomous character, vigor and unrestrained conduct throughout her growth.


Ji Xiao sounded quite resonant at birth, a voice that surpasses the sound of others. If the sonorous sound indicates that Ji Xiao has a healthy body, Ji Xiao's grayish hairs reveals her identity to the world - one member of the "Cheng Family" when other baby pandas start growing black white hairs later.


Grey white panda - Ji Xiao (photo from the Internet)


As Ji Xiao gets older, her hairs gradually turn from black to white.


As the monitor, she shall naturally set a good example. Ji Xiao is fearless and never backs down in times of "difficulties" during the course of growing up, and she always takes up the challenge with a smile and braves forward.


One day, Ji Xiao fully demonstrated the power of a model when she took a walk.


She carefreely took a walk.


An obstacle - a twig - appeared in front of her


Step 1: She observes the obstacle


Step 2: She attempts to avoid the obstacle




Step 3: She avoids the twig in one vigorous effort


Step 4: She leaves in a graceful manner after overcoming the obstacle


We all hope to face and overcome challenges in our lives like Ji Xiao.