Tree-climbing Enthusiast Zhao Mei

 Climbing trees is an inherent talent of a giant panda. Baby pandas always start learning how to climb trees after having learnt how to walk in 3 or 4 months old. Although adult giant pandas barely have natural enemies in the wild, young, sick or vulnerable pandas may succumb to fatal injuries when they encounter golden cats, jackals, yellow-throated martens and other wild animals. Therefore, avoiding conflict and hiding from the natural enemy is an indispensible skill and means for a giant panda. What? You all want to learn? !Let's see the wild panda Zhao Mei in action!


Zhao Mei is a wild panda that was rescued in 2014. Following her rescue in Zhaojue County by the Administration of Dafengding Nature Reserve in Meigu County, the workers at the Nature Reserve gave her a sweet name Zhao Mei. Zhao Mei loves climbing trees so much and also likes the "eating broadcast". She is so energetic that we can always see her on the outdoor playground despite seasonal changes.


Zhao Mei: Although I am a quiet beautiful panda, I love climbing trees so much!


Zhao Mei looks gorgeous at every moment on the tree!


Just eating on the wooden stand?


No no no, eating delicious food on the tree is better!!


What a wonderful "panda life" on the tree!


Here comes the foot rubbing!


Staying for so long in the tree, let's do some yoga!



It is also comfortable to rest or sleep on the tree!


Watch how Zhao Mei, just like any giant panda, enjoys her wonderful "panda" days, cozy, relaxed and indifferent! Hopefully everyone can shake off the stress after an intensive and busy work to refresh one's mind and body occasionally. Speaking of which, how about visiting the panda this weekend?