Ya Zhu and Ya Yun Are Four Years Old!

 Every summer (especially from June to August) marks the birthday season of pandas! This year, June 20 was the fourth birthday of our pandas Ya Zhu and Ya Yun, who went viral on the Internet. On this day, the feeder cleaned the outdoor playground very early and gave them a comfortable bath, so the baby pandas may go out for a walk and eat the bamboo shoot prettily.


In the No. 1 villa, the older sister Ya Zhu led her older brother Wen Wen and her younger sister Ya Yun out.


Tempting apples scattered by the feeders


Ya Zhu joined the breakfast: What a harmonious scene of the baby pandas eating together!


Birthday table: How come no panda notices the big red apple on the wooden stand? !


Ya Zhu: What's this? !


Ya Zhu is a smart girl; no delicious food can get past her panda feet!


Ya Yun and Wen Wen lean against each other to savor the bamboo shoot. What a delightful scene! (Left: Ya Yun, right: Wen Wen)


Wen Wen: I can be a panda-shaped wooden pole as long as my sisters can enjoy the bamboo shoot carefreely! (Left: Wen Wen, right: Ya Zhu)


Ya Zhu returned to the dining table after eating all the apples (Left: Ya Yun, middle: Wen Wen, right: Ya Zhu)


Aho, these little cuties! There are still two small apples on the wooden stand!


So who has eaten the red apple on the wooden stand? !Let's venture a guess! May Ya Zhu and Ya Yun enjoy a happy birthday for the fourth time, and a healthy body while growing up! In the meantime, we all hope the "three giants" in No. 1 villa live a happy and carefree panda life every day.