Luxurious Birthday Party for Ji Mei and Ji Lan

 Nanning Zoo was lively recently, as the workers at the Zoo were preparing a grand birthday party for the pandas Ji Mei and Ji Lan. Since their birthday coincides with the Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival, the workers were preparing in a busy but systematic manner, doing their utmost to offer Ji Mei and Ji Lan the best birthday and festival blessings.


The twins Ji Mei and Ji Lan were born on June 27, 2016. This will be their fourth birthday, and their first birthday after leaving their hometown, a memorable one to them.


Outside the Panda House in the Zoo, there is a board designed by the Zoo to celebrate the birthday of Ji Mei and Ji Lan



In the Panda house, there are delicate ice cakes carefully prepared by the workers. One is delicate and lovely while the other is spectacular and stunning. Look at all the fruits and vegetables piled on them. What a dazzling scene!


The sister Ji Lan, a face-saver, walked straight to the cake tower after coming out of the exhibition hall.



Sniffing around the cake tower, Ji Lan began enjoying the cake carefreely.


The cakes here are so delicious! My simple and honest brother Ji Mei, why don't you relish them! ~


It should be noted that Ji Mei is the older brother of the twins. While he is energetic, active and bold, his younger sister Ji Lan is comparatively shy. They arrived at Nanning Zoo by the end of 2019. Under the careful watch and companionship of the feeders from the Base and the Zoo, the twins have already adapted to life in Nanning after a while's fit-in. Moreover, all foods for Ji Mei and Ji Lan are directly transported from Chengdu. A special recipe is also prepared, so there are no concerns about their nutrition.


The Zoo prepared a birthday cake. All visitors coming to celebrate the twins' birthday can have a share. How lovely Ji Mei and Ji Lan look on the cake.


Ji Mei and Ji Lan's fourth birthday came to a happy ending under the honest blessing from the visitors and workers at the Zoo. We all wish Ji Mei and Ji Lan a happy birthday and a safe and healthy life! In the meantime, we also hope they have an unrestrained, healthy and happy stay in Nanning Zoo!