After feeling satiated, pandas also go for work outs

The pandas at Futou Mountain are skilled in eating, drinking, playing and sleeping, and they also work out on their own as they “gain weight” (crossed out and replaced with “grow up”). “Pang Da” invites you all for a lesson about panda fitness~



Sit-ups. If the panda is iron, then the ground is a magnet. The panda raises its head up! The panda is good! It wonders if it can earn a basin of milk as a reward after doing sit-ups for one minute...

Planks. “Gun Gun” teaches on the spot, and bipeds will quickly learn the first-class standard pose in a minute. What? You mean “Gun Gun”'s belly is on the ground? Hum, “Gun Gun’s” belly is clearly 0.0001 meters from the ground!

Climbing. A panda that does not want to be the “panda fruit” is not a good panda. As long as I climb the highest, I will become the tallest “panda fruit”. Hush, did any bipeds not notice me “Gun Gun” climb a tree in splits position?

Pull-ups. I heard it is a bit difficult, so I am going to take up the challenge. Emmmmm... Can I have a try on my teeth? If so I still cannot go up, that means the pole must have quality issues!

“Multi-bar” gymnastics. Let me introduce you to “multi-bar” gymnastics (bipeds usually use horizontal bars, but considering “Gun Gun”'s weight... well!). Behold, my panda paw is on the bar and I'm about to perform a 360 degree giant swing!