A New Life is born in the Spring

 The giant panda “Zhi Zhi” gave birth to a male cub that weighed 176.7g at birth on March 21, 2020. It is the third giant panda cub born at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding this year, after “Re Gan Mian” and “Dan Hong Gao”. The cub was given the poetic name “Chun Sheng”, probably because it was born in spring.


“Chun Sheng”, with straight eye circles, a high nose, a slightly short mouth and wide shoulder girdles, is a real handsome guy.





“Chun Sheng” in the incubator






“Chun Sheng” on a small wooden bed


“The grass by the river is like a green carpet and the trees are dotted with flowers.” The arrival of spring always revitalizes the earth, and the new life in the spring symbolizes the beginning of a wonderful life. We all wish “Chun Sheng” a healthy growth and that it maintains a vigorous vitality in its “panda life”.