Magical Song Arrives! "Panda Family Neighborhood Committee" of Futou Mountain shall Give You Tips on Fighting the "Epidemic"

The cold winter shall pass, and the flowers shall bloom again in the warm spring. Thanks to the relentless efforts of medical staff that fights the “epidemic” in the front line, we are finally free to travel and welcome the spring under the warmth of the sun.

To show its high regard for retrograde angels, the “Panda Family” living in Futou Mountain also cleaned up their home thoroughly and made preparations for welcoming you all. Although the epidemic has been stabilized efforts to prevent a resurgence of the virus can never diminish!

Following a serious discussion, the “Panda Family Neighborhood Committee” of Futou Mountain summarized some secret tips on fighting the “epidemic” to always overcome the virus. The “Panda Family Neighborhood Committee” decided to offer you these secret tips for free! No bamboo shoots are required for exchange! Please do well to check on time.

Especially, the “Panda Family Neighborhood Committee” of Futou Mountain also arranged six “panda babies” of totally different characters to perform for you the secret tips on fighting the “epidemic”. Please wait and see!

Futou Mountain’s secret tips on fighting the “epidemic” shall be revealed to the world on April 20!

Furthermore, a large number of magical songs about pandas are being produced under the supervision of the Futou Mountain Panda Neighborhood Committee! For more hidden secrets of Futou Mountain, please remember to pay attention to our real-time dynamic!