Enrichment Experts have allowed their Respective Talents to throw a Mid-Autumn Festival Feast for Pandas in Chengdu

 In the early morning of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival on September 13, 2019, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding treated giant pandas to a special Mid-Autumn Festival gift. In the pouring rain, the breeders prepared cantaloupes, pumpkins, watermelons, kiwis and other fruits that giant pandas seldom eat, as well as carrots, apples, honey, steamed corn breads and other favorite foods relished by the giant pandas. They carved the ingredients into shapes full of the festive atmosphere and Chinese characteristics, and then packed them in gunny bags. Afterwards, they displayed them in bamboo baskets or tied them to trees with hemp ropes. This special holiday banquet not only satisfied the appetites of the giant pandas, but also made it harder and longer for them to feed by making them break the ice to eat fruits, take bamboo shoots from baskets, and fetch apples from holes. Thus, the special holiday served to effectively increase the activity of giant pandas and enrich their behavior and life.