Little curious girl “Yuan Yuan”

Since the ecological area for red panda breeding in the Dujiangyan Panda Valley was opened, the cute pandas living there have attracted many visitors to take pictures. But visitors felt upset sometimes when taking pictures — naturally lively and naughty red pandas do not sit there and act as models tamely and like running around, so tourists can only use “mind” to communicate with them: Don’t move. Don’t go! Wait. I’ll get it right away!

In such a case, one red panda becomes a “friend of photographers”, because it loves lying on the wooden handrail or curiously looking at visitors’ camera lens or leisurely walking on the “single-plank bridge”, and never feels shy when visitors appreciate or marvel at it. It is the 1-year-old “Yuan Yuan”.

“Yuan Yuan” has brown eyes, big ears, a small round face, a fluffy and soft fat tail, and beautiful golden red fur. Perhaps because it’s raised by the breeder, “Yuan Yuan” likes playing in any place where there are visitors, and is so curious that it bites every new thing it sees. It's really a little foodie.

“Yuan Yuan” looks very cute but does not like people’s touch. Therefore, visitors please keep clam and don’t feed or touch “Yuan Yuan” and its little friends secretly when security guards are not there.



I’m “Yuan Yuan”. Are you here to see me?

I do best in walking on the “horizontal bar” in the valley!

Twig, twig, you look so delicious.

I cannot identify its taste with one bite. Let me have another bite.

Anyone who makes me angry will be treated like this tree!

What is the flower? I’ve never seen it.

Does the purple flower taste grapey? What does grape taste like?