Ya Li Likes to “Pose for Photos”

 Ya Li is a female panda born on July 19, 2009 at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. She and her elder sister Wen Li are the world's first pair of twin giant pandas born after the Wenchuan earthquake, and the first pair of healthy cubs born by the giant panda Li Li. In 2013, Ya Li and her elder sister Wen Li were sent to Guangzhou Zoo for exhibition and returned to the Base in 2015 after their “business trip”. Ya Li's younger brother, Oreo (Ao Li Ao), is one of the “superstars” in the giant panda world, while its daughter, “Ya Zhu Zhu” (Ya Zhu), is the web celebrity at the Base.


She is still a beautiful and elegant “Lolita” after being a mother.


Ya Li has round head, chubby face, distinct black and white hairs, relatively black nose, fat body, beautiful and elegant appearance. She looks gentle and virtuous and likes to eat, as a celebrity family member with lively nature and strong lens sense. When eating in front of the camera, she is definitely an excellent “model” good at posing by virtue of food materials, for example, looking straight ahead, looking up, looking down, being intoxicated, meditating or looking back at the camera with a smile. When taking a walk, she either opens her eyes wide to show supercilious expression, or narrows her eyes and seriously takes the “cat walk”. When being at rest, she opens her eyes to look at the sky or the earth, left, right side or straight ahead, or closes eyes. Whenever a camera focuses on Ya Li, she will coquettishly and diversely pose for enthusiastic tourists to take pictures of her.












When eating in front of the camera, she strikes various poses by virtue of her food.










When walking in front of the camera, she either opens her eyes wide or takes the “cat walk” with eyes narrowed.











When being at rest, she opens eyes wide and strikes various poses for the camera focusing on her.


As the saying goes, “it is better to pose well than to look good”. Ya Li not only looks beautiful, but also poses beautifully. Ya Li, a panda likes to “pose for photos”, is a veritable super model in the giant panda world. For the “panda photographers”, as long as they have enough time, and are willing to wait patiently, they will be able to capture all kinds of beautiful poses of Ya Li.