Spring 2019 Science Popularization Volunteer Recruitment for Chengdu Panda Base Begins!

This spring, the science popularization volunteer team at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding ushered in their ninth recruitment drive!

It has been five years since the Chengdu panda base officially set up its volunteer system in 2015. Over the years, our science popularization volunteer team has continued to develop and grow. We recruit new volunteers twice a year to inject fresh blood into the team. It has gradually grown into a professional, cohesive, energetic and positive science popularization volunteer service team.

The ninth science popularization volunteer recruitment in spring 2019 for the Chengdu panda base has begun! For those who are interested in conservation education and volunteer work, please refer to the following online registration process, browse the recruitment brochure and requirements online, and submit your online application as soon as possible. We will conduct telephone interviews for initial finalists before May Day, select trainees for this session, and let them participate in the ninth volunteer induction training.

Online participation process:

Follow the WeChat official account Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to receive the latest recruitment information (or follow the science popularization official account Institute of Panda and click “become a volunteer” on the bottom right) - fill in and submit the application form for science popularization volunteers - the candidates are selected and then the initial finalists are interviewed by telephone before training - qualified finalists attend training and take up the post after passing the exam - participate in the volunteer service and adhere to the volunteer management system of the base to continue your chance to volunteer.

Thank you for your attention and support of the panda base and conservation education! With your participation, the future science popularization volunteer work of the Chengdu panda base will become even more wonderful! Let us together protect pandas, the environment, and nature!

Join us!