A Tribute to Dedication and an Ode to Youth

On December 1, the 2018 Science Popularization Volunteer Carnival was held to much fanfare at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The Base’s science popularization volunteer team independently planned, designed, and conducted this event for the last three years, aiming to celebrate their fellow volunteers and pay tribute to the work they performed over the previous year and commend and award their fellow volunteers.
The 2018 Science Popularization Volunteer Carnival was divided into the usual two parts. In the morning, the International Volunteer Day stamp collection activities were conducted at the Panda Discovery Center Square. With volunteers guiding and explaining, visitors learned about animal protection, pandas were included, of course. Then the visitors would participate in an online quiz. If they passed, they would be temporarily deputized as a volunteer and wear a uniform. They would get to experience what a volunteer does for one day and satisfy their curiosity regarding science popularization volunteers, all the while leaving a strong impression about animal and environmental protection with them. In addition, the panda card coloring activity, where friends big and little alike could participate was a smash hit because everyone wanted to draw their own panda with colorful paint.
After the morning activities, the volunteers held a carnival get-together at the Base in the afternoon. It began with a small video the volunteers made for reviewing their voluntary work in 2018. To kick off the get-together, Lan Jingchao, Deputy Director of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, gave a speech. He thanked the volunteers for their efforts in 2018 and announced his vision for the next year as well as his expectations for developing the volunteer team in the future. Particularly, Mr. Lan said that the volunteers would be always considered members of the Base, and their efforts would always be appreciated by all leaders and colleagues of the Base. He looked forward to the team getting even better in the future. Then, the volunteers’ carnival get-together officially started. The volunteers gave wonderful cultural entertainment performances while interactive mini-games and lucky draws were carried out. In such a happy atmosphere, the friendship between team members grew. Subsequently, at the award ceremony, extraordinary volunteers were granted individuals awards as well as one earning the Excellent Volunteer of the Quarter Award, Excellent Volunteer of the Year Award to encourage them to work harder in 2019. Finally, participants took a group photo successfully conclude their voluntary work in 2018.
Popularization Department of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has been a positive addition to the Base since its launch in 2015. In that period, more than 400 individuals have taken science popularization volunteer training over eight sessions, with an annual average number of volunteers exceeding 100. Currently, the volunteer team has almost 140 members. In the future, the program predicts that even more volunteers will help publicize knowledge regarding animal and environmental protection to the public and contribute to protecting giant pandas and other rare wild animals. Next, the team members will welcome the upcoming 2019, fully confident and excited.
We believe that we will make great strides protecting pandas as long as we are together!


Volunteer giant panda interacting with visitors

Volunteers popularize scientific knowledge to visitors

Visitors experience volunteer work

Panda card coloring activity is a favorite among visitors

Volunteers distribute environmental protection knowledge materials from the Sichuan Environmental Publicity and Education Science Center to visitors

Visitors participating in activities

Group photo

Mr. Lan Jingchao gives a speech

Extraordinary volunteers come on stage to accept rewards

A group photo of all participants