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Eleven gift shops and one shop selling Giant Panda National Park specialty products dot the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. With fun outfits, easily accessible layouts, and elaborate design, these wooden shops are a pleasant shopping experience with a breathtaking natural environment as the backdrop. If you really want to make your visit memorable, you might as well take a giant panda back home with you to remember the beauty of life and nature that you experienced forever. 

Panda Gift Shop at the Moonlight Delivery House

Original Gift Shop at the Sunshine Delivery House

Busy Gift Shop at the Sunshine Delivery House

Panda Souvenirs at the Giant Panda Cub Enclosure

Gift Shop at the Giant Panda Cinema

Gift Shop at the new Giant Panda Museum

Gift Shop at the Giant Panda Museum

Gift Shop at the National Panda Post Office

Gift Shop at the Tourist Center

Giant Panda National Park Specialty Product Shop

Gift shop at the West Gate Visitor Center


Bamboo Restaurant

Located on the southeastern tip of the Swan Lake and covering an area of about 900 square meters, the two-storey Chinese restaurant with seven private rooms can serve over 200 customers. With the interior outfitting, food, and dishes featuring giant panda culture, it is the only bamboo-based restaurant in Chengdu.

Reservation Hotline: 15982212581,13550395398



Rose Garden Western Restaurant

Located on the eastern bank of the beautiful Swan Lake, the Rose Garden Restaurant of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding covers an area of more than 200 square meters. The Restaurant with 16 outdoor tables and more than 20 indoor seats can accommodate over 200 people. The Rose Garden Restaurant enjoys a beautiful view and is full of flowers throughout the year.


Specialties: Coffee, drinks, and steak



Panda Time Cafe

Located next to the Giant Panda Cinema, the Panda Time Cafe has an interior that covers more than 130 square meters and an outdoor area of over 370 square meters. It is equipped with 12 indoor tables that can accommodate over 50 people; and 23 outdoor tables that can accommodate over 80 people. The Panda Time Cafe has a warm atmosphere and pleasant outdoor scenery. 

Specialties: Fresh brewed coffee, drinks, and pastries


Qi Yi Café, Food & Drinks, Panda Milk Tea 

Located beside the beautiful Swan Lake, Qi Yi Café is a quaint wooden building that is dotted with more than 80 outdoor and 20 indoor tables, which can accommodate over 100 people. Qi Yi Café is surrounded by trees and is the perfect place to enjoy tranquility. Next to the Qi Yi Café are Food & Drinks and Panda Milk Tea, where tourists can buy snacks and drinks.

Specialties: Dumplings, coffee, and milk tea


Qi Yi Café


Panda Milk Tea


Food & Drinks