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Shopping area
 There are four gift shops at the Chengdu Panda Base: the Tourist Souvenir Shop at the entrance, Tourist Souvenir Shop in the Museum Lobby, Panda Bookstore and Souvenir Shop in Sunning Nursery Room. With wood building structures, bionic outfits, easily accessible layouts and elaborate design, these shops are comfortable for shopping yet blend in with the surrounding natural environment. Inside these shops, you can find endless kinds of panda-themed souvenirs, including giant panda albums and DVDs, which will serve as a method to keep your wonderful memories of the giant pandas and the beautiful, natural environment of the panda base alive for yourself and your children.


Bamboo-based Restaurant

Located on the southeast tip of Swan Lake, covering an area of 900 square meters, the two-storey Chinese restaurant with seven private rooms can cater to the dinning needs of over 300 customers. With the interior outfitting, food and dishes featuring the Chinese giant panda culture, it is the only bamboo-based restaurant in Chengdu. It is also equipped with a meeting room for 80 people, teahouses and rooms for chess and card games.
Food Reservation Hotline13518114213、15982212581、13688375735
Special offering: bamboo-based delicacies

Rose Garden Western Food Restaurant

Located by on the eastern side of Swan Lake, covering an area of over 200 square meters, the beautiful Rose Garden Restaurant has 16 outdoor tables and over 20 indoor tables that can cater to the dining needs of more than 200 customers.
Specialty: coffee, pastry and regular meals


Panda-themed Café

Located on the south side of Swan Lake, covering an area of 200 square meters, the wood Panda-themed Café has 10 outdoor seats outdoor and over 10 indoor seats indoor that can cater to the needs of over 80 customers. It exudes a calming and comfortable atmosphere that helps you relax while being surrounded by flowering trees.
Specialty: Italian coffee, regular pastry