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Change the way you live

Care For The Environment

Wildlife conservation is not limited to scientists and big institutions. You, too, can implement environmentally friendly actions in your daily life to support preservation of endangered species like the giant panda!

Wildlife Surrounds Us

Wildlife tracks abound in parks, on the roadside, in trees, and in the grass. Let us appreciate and care for the animals around us.

    ● When you are out in nature and discover an animal habitat, quietly walk away and leave the creature in peace;
    ● Please do not litter;
    ● Please do not get close to, touch, or capture the wildlife. Remember that this is the animal’s home and it has the right to defend its territory. If a wild animal injures you, consider that you are the one trespassing;
    ● Please stay on the designated trails and walkways;
    ● Please do not purchase illegal or questionable animal products or byproducts (medications, food, decoration, fur, pet, etc.);
    ● Do not eat wildlife;
    ● Do not build a fire or drop cigarette butts;
    ● Do not make a fire in the open and throw about cigarette butts; 
    ● Please do not remove anything belonging to nature such as stones, branches, or shells. They are all part of the healthy ecosystem, and removing them could upset the ecological balance of the area. Small animals may also depend on them for survival.

Animals In Captivity

    ● For the health of the animals, please do not feed them; 
    ● Respect the animals in their living spaces. Do not hit the glass or enclosures. Do not stress them by yelling or by trying to get them to move about their enclosures; 
    ● Do not use photos of the animals for any commercial purpose; 
    ● Never purchase a pet on a whim.

Daily life

Though we often do not notice the wildlife surrounding us, many of our daily behaviors are closely related to the health and life of nature. Please consider these simple ways you can make a difference: 

    ● Incorporate green living, conserve energy, and avoid excessive consumption; 
    ● Travel green by using public transportation or ride sharing as much as possible; 
    ● Do not waste animal and plant byproducts; 
    ● Avoid using disposable goods and recycle whenever possible; 
    ● Respect nature and tour in a civilized manner. 

“Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints” is the goal of most ecotourists. Sadly, scenic spots, historic sites, and other natural areas often fall victim to littering, trampling, or defacing by human guests. Tourists who pick flowers or other plant life and who do not stay on the designated walkways contribute to the decline of our natural spaces. Plastic bags flying past with a sudden gust of wind place an unnecessary burden on the environment.

The purpose of ecotourism is to guide visitors through nature so they might integrate, enjoy, and understand nature more fully. Nature is an integral part of human culture, helping keep body and soul healthy and vibrant. Whether it be the ancients who studied in another day and age, or contemporaries who travel around with relaxed minds, all humanity has the innate desire to connect to nature and to preserve its wild beauty.

Suggestions for tourists

    ● Please keep quiet as loud noises disturb the wild animals. Please respect their living spaces and stay quiet; 
    ● Do not feed animals. Do not pick bamboos in the Base to feed  pandas either. The panda keepers carefully manage giant  panda diets for optimal health!
    ● Do not throw anything into the enclosures as the animals may eat it and be harmed.
    ● Please keep the base clean. Clean up any trash you produce and do not write on the walls, trees, or any other surfaces at the Panda Base. 
    ● Please do not smoke while in the Panda Base. It is a s moke-free scenic area. Designated areas for smoking are in the bathrooms; 
    ● Please do not pick flowers and plants or destroy trees. Do not purposefully harm living creatures; this includes insects; 
    ● Do not sit or stand on handrails. Stools, benches, and other seating areas are provided throughout the Panda Base; 
    ● Please do not litter. Place cigarette butts, trash, and other refuse in the proper receptacles. Other animals roam freely throughout the Chengdu Panda Base and could be harmed by eating trash; 
    ● If you someone not complying with the rules, please gently point it out and encourage them to do the right thing. The environment is everyone’s responsibility; 

Thank you for your support!