Giant Pandas—Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management

Edited by: David E. Wildt, Zhang Anju, Zhang Hemin, Donald L. Janssen and Susie Ellis
Published by: Cambridge University Press
Main contents: Main contents: this book summarizes the present state of knowledge about giant panda biology on the topics of breeding, behavior, nutrition, genetics and disease. In addition, it covers the latest advances in cub-rearing and genetic management over the population of captive giant pandas.



A Study on Breeding and Disease of the Giant Panda

Edited by: Feng Wenhe and Zhang Anju
Published by: Sichuan Publishing House of Science and Technology
Brief introduction: Brief introduction: this book covers the reasons for the reduction of the giant panda population and the countermeasures used to increase their numbers., as well raising and breeding, microscopic and submicroscopic structure, cytogenetics, biochemical genetics, case analysis on the giant panda. This book is an example of how zoos, through technology and experience, contribute to giant panda.



Giant Panda Ex Situ Conservation: Theory and Practice

Edited by: Zhang Zhihe and Wei Fuwei
Published by: Science Press
Brief introduction: Brief introduction: referring to the latest theories and research results on endangered animal conservation, this book summarizes the practical experience in breeding research and conservation of the giant panda for many years, and comprehensively and systematically introduces the latest results and practical experience in the ex situ conservation of the giant panda. Illustrated in full, it discusses panda ecology, management, nutrition, behavior, breeding, disease, heredity and other fields theoretically and practically.



Progress in Ex Situ Giant Panda Research

Edited by: Zhang Zhihe
Published by: Sichuan Publishing Group Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Publishing House of Science and Technology
This book compiles the papers of scientific and technical personnel since 1997, and discusses the efforts of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding for conservation of captive giant pandas. Centering on giant panda research and relevant topics, this book has six chapters: the first is nutrition, the second is breeding and cub-rearing, the third is physiology and biochemistry, the fourth is heredity, the fifth is prevention and treatment of diseases, the sixth is other relevant papers.



Parasitic Diseases of Wildlife
Edited by: Yang Guangyou and Zhang Zhihe
Published by: Science Press
Main contents: this book is a monograph on parasitic diseases suffered by the giant pandas and other endangered wildlife, which comprehensively summarizes the research results and experience concerning the prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases for wildlife (wild animals, birds and reptiles) in China, and introduces research advances on parasitic disease monitoring, prevention and control technology in other countries. Provided with illustrations, this book comprehensively and deeply introduces pathogen morphology, life history, epidemiology, pathological changes, diagnosis and quarantine, monitoring, prevention and control measures, and much more of each parasitic disease.



Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Protection of the Giant Panda, Chengdu, China 1997

Edited by: Zhang Anju and He Guangxin
Published by: Sichuan Publishing House of Science and Technology
Main contents: Main contents: Chengdu, Sichuan, China, the hometown of the giant panda, held the “1997 International Giant Panda Festival” from September 24 to 28, 1997. In order to systematically conduct academic exchanges and intensive discussions and research, and provide basic data for the next academic session, this book compiles and publishes 108 conference papers to provide reference for further researches on the natural protection of rare and endangered wild animals, and their breeding in other places and quantity increase.



Document Information on the Giant Panda, Snub-nosed Monkey, Takin, Sika Deer, White-lipped Deer, Red Panda, Musk Deer

Edited by: Liu Tiancheng
Published by: Sichuan Publishing House of Science and Technology
Main contents: this book consists of literature reviews, abstracts and indexes on seven rare animals, which respectively are included in 7 chapters: I. giant panda, II. red panda, III. snub-nosed monkey, IV. takin, V. sika deer, VI. white-lipped deer, VII. musk deer. VIII. wild animals, IX. index, with literature review followed by an abstract. For literature collection, we organized, processed or translated all research writings and reports on each kind of animal in China and abroad since its dawn of literature, and compiled into abstracts for retrieval.