In 2008 the Chengdu Panda Base and Xu Changde, a Taiwanese musician, produced Super Q, a song celebrating Chengdu’s giant pandas. In April that same year, the Chengdu Panda Base franchised the Super Q Band. The musical group comprised of five 3D virtual pandas named Jing Jing, Fei Wu, Luo Suo, Bu Haoshui and Da Da, made its debut in Chengdu with its album Wish You Good Luck with Super Q. A simultaneous launch ceremony for the Super Q panda doll took place at the Panda Base; its first appearance within inland China. A spin-off marketing campaign featuring the cartoon pandas doing gymnastic routines set to music from the album attracted audiences both young and old. Album sales reached 10,000 in Taiwan just one month after release, generating consumer interest and positive publicity. Widespread popularity of the Super Q toys signals success with the Chengdu Panda Base’s efforts in combining public education with research and conservation programs. The Panda Base has begun to shift the paradigm of wildlife preservation by incorporating a cultural brand mindset revolving around the giant panda.


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